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The city of Sakarya is located on the coast of the Black Sea and takes its name from the Sakarya River flowing through this beautiful location.

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Sakarya is a fairly old city, which dates back to 378 BC. First to come here were the Phrygians, Lydians, and Persians but Sakarya got its ancient identity from its Romans and Byzantine rulers, which is evident once you begin to travel around.



Handicrafts in Sakarya are still alive, especially in Taraklı District, which is one of the towns included in the Cittaslow (Slow City) network.



Sakarya cuisine and food culture are like a reflection of the region's cultural values, unspoiled nature and rich historical heritage.



Sakarya enchants its visitors with its unique nature, fresh air and natural beauties. There are more than 20 plateaus in Sakarya, especially Dikmen, Çiğdem, Sultanpınar, Acelle, Karagöl and Soğucak, where you can enjoy the fresh air and be in touch with nature.



When winter comes, the sounds of boza vendors surround the streets of Sakarya. Boza is one of the oldest and most traditional Turkish drinks.



10 vibes for Sakarya

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Sapanca Lake is one the places you can visit on a daily excursion. You can also have your lunch in the restaurants and cafes on the bank of the lake.


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A "must see" is the Sakarya Museum, which is located across from the station. Major BahaBey was responsible for the construction of the building in which the museum is housed.