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    Sakarya cuisine and food culture are like a reflection of the region's cultural values, unspoiled nature and rich historical heritage. Sakarya cuisine consists of dishes prepared with grains, various vegetables and the meat from region, as well as herbs, olive oil and the essentials of traditional Turkish cuisine like Turkish yoghurt and bulgur. Another important product of Sakarya cuisine is the “pumpkin” (balkabağı) and the various desserts and dishes made from the region's famous pumpkins. Some of tastes of Sakarya that should be tried are: Islama Köfte (Islama Meatball), Geyve Ayvası (Geyve Quince), Köpük Helva, İsli Çerkes Peyniri (İsli Çerkes Cheese), Müşküle Üzümleri (Müşküle Grapes), Kabak Lokumu, Kabak Tatlısı (Pumpkin Dessert), Kaçamak, Dartılı Keşkek, İncir Uyuşturması, Pekmezli Asude, Boza and Kabak Kıvırması.

    Islama Köfte

    Undoubtedly, the most important dish of Sakarya at national level is the “Islama Köfte”(Islama meatball). The most distinctive feature of this dish, which is thought to have migrated from the Balkans to the region at the beginning of the twentieth century, is the exquisite bread "dipped in broth and powdered pepper sauce" as well as the "köfte" made from the meat of the animals grazing in the pastures of Sakarya.

    Balkabağı Kıvırması

    When it comes to dessert in Sakarya, the first place belongs to balkabağı (pumpkin) desserts. One of most famous pumpkin desserts of the region is the "Balkabağı Kıvırması", which is made by sprinkling grated pumpkin and walnuts between the thinly rolled dough, then rolling it with a rolling pin and pouring warm, thick sugar and water mixture (şerbet) on it.

    Dartılı Keşkek

    Keşkek made in many parts of Türkiye, but has a special place in Sakarya food culture. Keşkek, which is an indispensable dish of special occasions, especially at weddings, is a special meal for distinguished guests.